This week we had the chance to catch up with John Moore– TTM New Face and computer science student. As John enters the modelling world he shares with us his tips of the trade and dreams for the future… 
What do you enjoy most about being a model?
As I’m still relatively new to modelling I’m just enjoying all the new experiences and meeting different photographers and clients.

What is your career highlight to date?
My highlight would probably be the editorials I’ve been involved in for END clothing as they’re always fun, although it’s still strange seeing yourself on a website. 
Who have you worked with so far and what were you helping them to achieve?
Brands I’ve worked for are END, Barbour, Newcastle United (strip launch) and various photographers.  Each client was different in what they needed me to do- END shots were for E-commerce and Barbour needed some presentation work in front of a live audience.

What would your dream job be?
My dream job in modelling would be to work with a company like Foot Asylum, but outside of modelling David Attenborough has the best job so I’d love to do that!
What advice would you give to an aspiring model wanting to start working in the modelling industry?
My advice would be, it’s not as nerve wracking as you think. Every job I’ve been at I’ve been made to feel welcome, so if you’re interested go for it or you’ll never find out!
Who is your inspiration for being in this industry? 

My inspiration is probably Stephen James (whoiselijah). I wasn’t sure if I’d get many jobs as I have quite a lot of tattoos but seeing him doing so well motivated me further.

Have you been on any bookings where you felt the team worked particularly well together? How did it feel – tell us about it. 


Yes, when I modelled on the catwalk for Barbour. This was the first time a lot of us had met each other and we didn’t have that long to rehearse, but the models and the team worked really well together and it was a huge success.

How do you prepare for a booking? What do you make sure you know before you arrive on a shoot? Physically and mentally?

You definitely need a good night’s sleep, there is nothing worse than being tired on a shoot! My essentials are water, some snacks, hair wax and Carmex, I have no idea why but you always get dry lips on a shoot! 
Before a shoot I always look up the client on their website or if I know someone who has done work for them before I always ask them about it. It makes it easier to flow into work if you know what to expect and physically I’ll go to the gym for a solid two hours the night before to tire myself out for an early night. 
Images by Michael Smalley