Today on the blog, we speak with new face and recruitment consultant Liam Farr. Liam shares his inspirations, aspirations and offers advice to new models. 

What do you enjoy most about being a model?

The thing I enjoy most about being a model is the people I meet. Photographers, Clients and other models are so friendly and easy to speak to. They are always supportive in what you do and I always learn new ways of working whichever assignment I go to. I also enjoy how every assignment is different and you can never expect what is going to happen.

What is your career highlight to date?

Although I am a new face to Tyne Tees and modelling, being selected by a client such as Berghaus was fantastic as they are such a well known, large company. I also love their merchandise.

Who have you worked with so far and what were you helping them to achieve?

I have worked with a few different companies so far; Berghaus, Sol Stock, Rebecca Reay Photography and Woodhill Hall.

What would your dream job be?

I think my ideal dream job to take in modelling would be a underwear campaign with a company such as Calvin Klein.

What advice would you give to an aspiring model wanting to start working in the modelling industry?

Flexibility seems to be the thing that gets you on the radar starting off as a model. Sometimes it can be difficult to get time off from other work responsibilities to participate in modelling jobs but if you can be flexible and make it work, the experience more then compensates for the hard work.

Who is your inspiration for being in this industry? 

My inspiration in this industry are a couple of good family friends of mine called Sam Kane and Linda Lusardi. Both of which started their careers as models and have now gone into acting/ radio and producing shows within theatre. The reason for them being my inspiration is that they have both had very successful careers within the industry whilst still being very kind and humble people. They have also gone out of their way on a few occasions to use their experience in helping me with what I should do in becoming a future successful model.

Have you been on any bookings where you felt the team worked particularly well together? How did it feel – tell us about it. 

I really enjoyed the photoshoot I did with Sol Stock. It was a great laugh with the other models, photographers Donna and Graham and the general atmosphere made the assignment not even feel like work at all.

How do you prepare for a booking? What do you make sure you know before you arrive on a shoot? Physically and mentally?

Before I attend a shoot I always pack a lot of different options of clothing in the style suggested on the Job Description, just so the client can have a selection of ideas of clothing is not provided. I also always leave my hair flat with no product or anything in so it can be done to a clients specification.
If it’s a early start for the assignment, always to be awake and ready hours before hand so can go to the gym or go for a run prior.
Finally, I always stick on some music which puts my head in a chilled out, happy environment. Favourite artists for that can vary between Bob Marley, Twenty One Pilots, A Day to Remember and many more. They all have different styles of music but always give me a good buzz before an assignment.