Today on the blog we speak to one of our male models, Antony Impey. Antony has been modelling with us for a number of years and has excelled in his career which has resulted in us placing him with agencies in Manchester, London and Berlin. As our model’s mother agents, we love encouraging them to spread their wings, gain new experiences and explore all avenues. Take a look at what he said… 

How long have you been modelling for?

I started modelling in January 2015, so just over two years.

Which other agencies are you represented by? 

Currently I’m represented by Tyne Tees Models, Industry Models in Manchester, Viva in Berlin and Established in London. Plus a few more potential agencies in pipeline (so fingers and toes crossed).

How has being represented by other agencies improved your modelling career?

It’s allowed me travel a lot, as well as increased the number of jobs and castings I’m requested for exponentially.

Do you enjoy working in different areas in the country, does this give you different experiences?

Very much so. It’s helped me keep a fresh perspective, while allowing me to become involved in numerous sectors of the modelling industry.

What is your favourite experience of working with other agencies so far?

There’s been so many, but I think recently I really enjoyed traveling to Ireland to shoot for New Era. Great location, and it was amazing to work with such a fantastic team.

And finally, tell us a fun fact about you?

I can write my name with my toes. Unfortunately this has limited uses in the modelling industry, unless Chanel need me to pick some of their bags up with my toes…