Next in our In Depth, TTM Partners series is Make Up Artist Kristina Foster. Kristina started her business in 2011 and specialises in all areas of make up including fashion, prom and bridal. She shares her industry experiences and recommendations with us… 
What do you enjoy most about being a MUA? 
I love the variation of work I get. No two days are ever the same. I have never specialised in a specific area of makeup artistry, this keeps it really exciting for me. There’s so much I love about being a makeup artist, however, my clients are definitely one of them. Some of my clients have become really special friends and it’s just such a lovely part of my work. Making people feel amazing as well, it’s just so rewarding.
What is your career highlight to date? 
Last year I was asked to do hair and makeup for a wedding in Tuscany, Italy. It was such a fabulous experience. I do a lot of weddings over here in the North East and it was so nice to see the difference between a traditional British wedding venue and an Italian one. The views were spectacular over the vineyards, and the building itself was mind blowing and beautiful. 
My bride and bridal party looked fabulous, the photographs as you can imagine were spectacular. It was really special, I first met the bride 15 years ago when we worked together. When I finished her hair and makeup we shared a really special little moment. It was just lovely!
What would your dream job be? 
As cheesy as it’s going to sound. I’m already working in my dream job. I love it so much! 
What advice would you give to an aspiring MUA wanting to start working in the industry? 
Take your time to build on your experience before taking on work and do your research. I see too many people these days completing make-up courses then rushing out into the industry, charging incorrectly and potentially damaging their reputation and the industry in turn. Your level of work when you start out changes so much from one year to the next; practice, practice, practice, network and be patient. Never stop learning. It can be tough as it’s such a popular career choice, now more than ever before. It’s an amazing industry to work within though, it’s forever changing and evolving! Always act with integrity especially where other artists are concerned.
Self-employment can sometimes be a little bit of a lonely world, creating strong connections with other artists can really help. I’ve some really close makeup artist friends. Together we support each other and also pass work on to each other if we are unavailable or need an extra pair of hands. Be passionate, patient and determined! Just go for it, grasp at every opportunity and enjoy every minute of it.
Who is your inspiration for being in this industry? 


Kevin Aucoin. What an incredible artist he was, his work was out of this world, it would blow me away how he would completely transform his models. Also Rick Baker, I’d sit as a child watching the Michael Jackson thriller video in awe! Just wow… It still gives me goose bumps now!