Team TTM love to support our models. So, when Amer Sheikh, dad of one of our real families invited us along to his forthcoming concert we were eager to find out what it was all about.
‘The Word’ is a school hip hop group compromising of Amer himself as the lead rapper and his students as backing singers. Chemistry teacher Amer, established this project over 10 years ago to address issues surrounding bullying, racism, respect and anti-social behaviour as well as to inspire young people to follow their dreams.

Living What You Believe

The show commemorated the 50th year anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, his visit to the University of Newcastle and his speech about war, poverty and racism.
It was brilliant to see Amer’s amazing work, born from what he believes in and we are so proud to represent someone with such energy, drive and passion.

Professional Modelling done the Right Way

As a modelling agency with nearly 24 years of experience there are clear parallels between how Amer thinks and behaves and how we think and behave at Tyne Tees Models.

We try our very best to look after our models, treating them equally regardless of ethnic origin, gender, age, disability or academic achievement. Sometimes, people can become marginalised because of judging, assumption or stereotyping… not here. We are particularly attentive with young models, inviting parents and guardians to become an important part of the young model’s journey at every stage.

So supporting Amer comes naturally to us.

We would like to wish Amer the best of luck for The Word’s main show this evening where nearly 1,000 pupils from local schools will see the fantastic work that they do.