In 2018 we launched our TTM Wellness Campaign beginning with our ‘Support By Talk’ series to try and help those around us with Mental Health and creating awareness in this area. 
We now have three episodes live including our MD Lesley Middlemiss-Lister, TTM Team Member Gayle Middlemiss and Model and Former Love Island Contestant Chris Williamson alongside John Devitt, MD of Recovery 4 Life. We have already covered issues relating to suicide and depression and have had a great response from individuals who have commented that our episodes have been helpful. 
This week, we continue with our fourth episode featuring TTM Model, Former Mr Gay England and the first homosexual Blind Date Contestant, Joni Valadares. Episode 4 will be live on our YouTube Channel this Friday. 
Joni will be discussing sexuality and his own experiences surrounding Mental Health. 
Joni said, “I wanted to get involved with the TTM wellness campaign, as it is something very close to my heart. Losing my father to mental health and many friends including our own Sophie, it’s such a big platform to raise awareness and hopefully help even just one person. I’ve been focusing most of my work on suicide prevention in the LGBTQ+ community and hope my experiences can help.”

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