One of our models, Susan Walker, is using her time in isolation wisely by helping the NHS and other keyworkers.

She has recently acquired an official NHS Scrubs pattern and has started using cotton fabric to make them up.

Susan’s local hospice needed laundry bags, so she is converting pillowcases by putting in drawstrings, then washing them at 60 degrees and putting them in a plastic bag before passing them on to the hospice.

Additionally, Susan loves to keep fit, she runs 2-3 times a week and walks every day. While doing her daily exercise, Susan tries to pick up drinks cans and discarded water bottles which people have thrown in the ditches and hedges.

Susan said, “One of the best things we can do to thank the NHS, is for the workers to come home to a clean street with no rubbish or fly tipping. This world needs to look long and hard at its habits and behaviour, but we CAN make a difference with a less selfish mindset.”

We are so proud and thankful of the wonderful work that Susan is doing to help. Find out more about her and what she has been up to on this video…