A potential paying client is without a doubt more willing to spend their budget on a model who has lots of experience in their portfolio (whether paid or not). A bare or minimal portfolio only appears like the model isn’t working very much or is difficult to work with. A full portfolio shows the model is obviously very reliable and good at what they do.

Think of your modelling career like a brand, the more work and the more of yourself there is for potential clients to see, the more established you look and all the more reason for someone to ‘invest’ in your brand.

It’s also a great way to gain contacts! You may be working for free this time, but the client may be given a larger budget next time and be able to pay for their model. They do say… ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’.

At Tyne Tees Models we feel we only set up trades of equal value and don’t pair experienced models with unexperienced photographers and vice-versa. We like to give everyone equal opportunity to boost their career and gain the contacts they can use to their advantage in the future. We very often have photographers or clients come back to us requesting models that have previously worked for free, some going on to shoot whole campaigns or walking in shows, all paid. Networking with likeminded individuals is such a crucial part of this industry, and taking part in trade shoots is the best way to do it!

By Special Guest Blogger, Joseph O’Donnell – Event Organiser for Miss Newcastle.