As you will all know by now, here at Tyne Tees Models we love nothing more than celebrating REAL people.

Diversity in modelling is one of the most welcomed changes that could have happened to our industry… being able to see models who are all shapes and sizes, races and genders across billboards, TV commercials and runways.

The age of heavily retouched and skinny models is over and “real bodies” are being shown in the media now more than ever.

It’s not just the shapes and sizes of models that have changed, it’s the ages too.

The life expectancy is rising and the population is aging with it.

If you pay attention to TV Commercials and adverts nowadays, you will notice that they feature more and more adults aged 40+.

Online designer The Dreslyn and lingerie brand Land of Women recently announced that they had joined together and used senior model Yazmeenah Rossi for their newest campaign.

They wanted to create a range that wasn’t sexualised like others on the market showing older women that they can still look beautiful (and sexy if they want) and identify with their new range.

Does using an older model have a negative effect on a brand’s campaign? We certainly don’t think so!

In the campaign mentioned above it’s as if using Yazmeenah has provided a certain class and maturity to their range.

Using an older model shows that she is an elegant and accomplished model which comes through camera and into the advert and campaigns themselves.