Introducing TTM Influencer Zara Holland… 
Zara Holland was crowned Miss Great Britain in 2015 and then landed herself a place on a TV series, as a contestant on Love Island in 2016. As her passion for Fashion increased, Zara opened her very own clothing boutique, Mimi Boutique, alongside her mum.

Zara is a keen charity fundraiser, so far she has raised over £15,000… At the Miss Great Britain final she also took the titles of ‘Best Beach Body’ and ‘Miss Charity’ raising over £3,000 for Cancer Research UK in just a few weeks! 

Now Zara spends her time as a full-time influencer and building her very own fashion empire. 
Name: Zara Holland
Age: 23
Nationality: British
Occupation: Full Time Influencer/Boutique owner. Reality TV Star
Instagram: 302k followers. Average video views: over 35k Average post likes: 2.8k
Facebook: 21k followers. 
Twitter: 189k followers. 
Brand experience: JD Sports, Skinny Coffee, Fremantle Media, Jet2, Loose Women, Lorraine, Release The Hounds ITV2, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Online columnist for New Magazine.
Enquiries: Please email Maggie or call 0191 237 3400.



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