“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” 
― Johnny Depp

In the past supermodels were never photographed with anything more than pierced ears – now,  some of the biggest names in modelling show off their iconic ink; making them even more unique and appealing.

Today, we speak to one of our new faces and works of art, Jordan Liddell on how his tattoos have played a part in his modelling career…

What was your first tattoo? 

My first tattoo was the Hamsa Hand on my right forearm when I was 17, I was going to get it covered up but as it was my first I just couldn’t!

Which is your favourite tattoo and why?

My favourite would have to be a choice of 3. I have a small metal heart on the inside of my left wrist with a banner through the middle saying “Mam”. I have “Florence” written across my knuckles as my grandmother passed away 4 years ago. Finally, my throat piece that wraps around my entire neck. This is a memorial tattoo for my best friend who sadly took his own life.

Do you think that your tattoos have improved your modelling career?

Every tattoo I get (not just career based but on a mind level), adds to who I am. I’m all about art and each piece I add I feel makes me stronger in my look, my mind and myself as a person. They have improved my modelling career indefinitely; each tattoo separates me from everyone and I most certainly stand out in a crowd.

Do you think tattoos are for everyone?

Yeah I think tattoos are for everyone; whether they be colour or black and grey to Polynesian (named after an ancient tribe who would communicate through symbols) or pattern. I think if someone wants something they should get it, if it’s what they want then no one can have the authority to question it.

Do you regret any of your tattoos?

I get asked this question a lot, particularly about my facial tattoos. But no, I don’t regret any! I plan on getting a whole lot more and no one will stop me. No more on my face though.
Nearly every tattoo on my body symbolises the things closest to me or things that were closest to me – I look at each and every one as a stamp of what I love and who I love. I idolised my grandmother and I idolise my mother so I look at those tattoos and they bring a smile to my face. Even the ones I’ve done myself from a previous tattoo apprenticeship, they are a memory, so I love them.