The Tyne Tees Models staff love getting involved in current discussions in our industry and staying on top of model trends – but we don’t just mean real life models…
Model: Abi

When doing research we came across the Covet Fashion App — a styling game where you can choose your favourite outfits and enter these choices into contests that are voted upon by the rest of the community.

Joining the prominent campaign for fashion and model diversity Covet Fashion have added 50 new female model types of different body shapes, skin tones, facial features and heights to their game. This was a result after fans were critical of the previous one body type and six skin tone options.

Model: Chisanga

Realising the impact that the people we see in the media and on the catwalk have, the company explained in a recent article, “We can’t single out one standard for beauty. It comes in all sizes and colours and shapes… You see beauty in yourself and in the app, and associate it with other models, and those that don’t look like you”.

Insights like tell us what consumers are wanting to see and what brands will ask of us. On our books we have people of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities on our books to ensure we can offer brands a variety of looks and body types, and help to create current campaigns that Make You Look.

Model: Jade