As Founder of Tyne Tees Models I have been lucky enough to meet lovely and interesting people almost every day since our launch in 1994.

And I still remember why we started.

In 2016 Tyne Tees Models has a clear focus on helping clients to deliver on their business objectives. But just as important to me personally is to make sure that our models are represented fairly, consistently and professionally. This is what drove me to launch on day one.

And that is why I still enjoy meeting our new models so much, over 21 years in.

Helping New Models to Get Into The Modelling Industry

Each month I personally meet around a dozen aspiring models that have been pre-filtered by our General Manager, Mickaela.

Tyne Tees Models is approached by around 500 aspiring models every month. Some we can’t see, some we do and some we move to later months for various reasons.

For the shortlisted, we meet and we chat.

As I’ve been in the industry for some time now, working in just about every role that a modelling agency has to offer (including as a model myself), it’s great to be given the opportunity to help aspiring models to see what the industry is really like.

The glamour and the creativity in our world is amazing! Helping our clients to launch products, to enter new markets and to gain an unfair share of the attention in their markets is so important.

But it is also important that I help models to appreciate the basics. I chat about learning about how Tyne Tees Models works, learning our clients, punctuality, presentability, flexibility, being prepared to travel, patience, hard work… and much more!

Being a model can be hard. But so rewarding.

Today I met with twelve models in the Vermont Hotel in Newcastle. I chatted to each of them for an hour and I will be getting back to them within a week to let them know what next. 10 girls. 2 boys.

In future stories I’ll let you know what happens to those that make it through.

Thank you for reading.