Model: Jennifer

by guest blogger: Michael Owen, founder, Always Wear Red

We’re quite new to the world of fashion and to the world of modelling, too. But as every single thing we do aspires to be the very, very best – here is a little insight into how we judge and book models and modelling.

Hello. We are Always Wear Red.

Our Always Wear Red fashion collections launched on February 14th 2016.

AWR is Occasionwear, REDFRED is highest-end Streetstyle.

The ingredients of our brands include a complex infrastructure of the UK’s most progressive makers, suppliers of the best raw materials in the world, experienced brand builders, marketers and designers, good business people, photographers, stylists, make-up artists – and models.

And as everything we do is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain – the right model is so important.

What does the right model look like?

The first time we work with our models they – and we – are sat down.

We are talking. They are listening.

They learn what we do and also our vision. The models want to know not only what we are shooting, but why we are shooting.

Yes, it’s for photography. But more important than the photography itself is what the photography is for.

On a photoshoot it’s never really the photography that we want.

As a business and a brand want what the photography does, not what it is. The photography always has a job to do.

It is launching a range or a product.

Or it is to communicating a feeling in the wearer that the brand wants to promote.

Or it is wholly focused on a specific business goal.

Or it is doing more than one of the above.

But whatever it is we are trying to do with the photography – the best models are sat down showing a genuine enthusiasm for and interest in whatever that objective is.

So there you have it. We love models that look the part – but we love models that listen the part much, much more.