‘Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.’ -Linden Tyler

One of the most important things for a model to take care of is their skin. After all that is their base, always at the forefront of the camera, taking centre stage. Between busy schedules, travelling and lack of sleep this can sometimes fall behind other priorities, so we have called in the experts!

Today on the blog, we speak to Luisa Scott, owner of Newcastle Skin Clinic. Luisa has many years of experience in the beauty and aesthetic industry including working in the prestigious Harrods.

What daily skin routine would you recommend for a model on the move?

Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt – it’s a very finely knitted glove that removes make up and mascara with no cleansers, just water. All of the make up washes out, and you can then hang this up to dry and you can re-use it for a year. It is better for the environment and most definitely your skin. I take it everywhere on my travels with me. It is also important for you to replace collagen in your skin as you age- for this I would recommend Skinade, a collagen drink that helps to rejuvenate from the inside out.

What is your go to skin care product?

Daily power defence by ZO it has everything you need and can also be used as eye and lip cream.

With our models being so involved with make-up, what would you recommend to remove the make-up and cleanse the skin?

Try to avoid wipes as most contain alcohol. I use the Magic Mitt to remove make-up and to cleanse the skin we use ZO oilacleanse – it’s an exfoliating cleanser for real deep cleaning.

Emergency break-out saviour?

Zap and Hide by Jane Iredale.

There is a lot of folk tale around some products, is there any you would stay away from?

I would say to stay away from high street or department store brands. A lot of their money is put into marketing and not so much into the product itself. We prescribe dermatologist range products where the money goes into research.

Balanced diet is very important for our models, what would you recommend to have in their diets to help their skin stay healthy?

Good fats are excellent for your skin so that’s plenty of oily fish, avocado and seeds. I would recommend to try and eliminate processed foods and dairy can often bring out spots, so try and use an alternative such as almond milk.

What is the best way to exfoliate our skin?

I would recommend not to use harsh high street scrubs which scratch the skin surface. Most of these contain beads which are banned in the United States as they are bad for the environment and also for your skin. I love triple microdermabrasion polish from Exuviance. It has microfine exfoliating crystals, papaya enzyme and 10% glycolic acid.

What is the best night time skin routine?

Skin goes into repair mode overnight so this is the best time for healing. Retinol is a skin saviour, the holy grail of skincare however lots of products don’t contain enough of the ingredient.